Our customers are leaders in their industries. We also are a re leader in our industry. Our extensive manufacturing knowledge and years of experience helps us stay on top of today’s competitive business climate.

KQ utilizes modern CNC equipment to efficiently manufacture precision parts. We are able to take customer CAD files and paper prints and quickly turn them into NC programs using state-of-the-art CAM software. After first article production, we are able to automate the production of parts using robotic material handling systems. Our manufacturing floor is able to produce thousands of machined parts, from small to large, simple to the most complex.

KQ 4

Our precision machine shop has over 25,000 sq. ft. of available floor space

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Utilizing leading edge technology enables KQ to offer complete turnkey solutions for our customers.

Equipped with 15,000 RPM coolant through spindles, our machining centers enable us to perform high speed machining..

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47 Machines on-site
3 robotic Cell CNC Horizontal Mills
4 CNC Horizontal Mills
18 CNC Vertical Mills
15 CNC Lathes
2 Manual Mills
5 Manual Lathes